The parade and service of dedication took place on Sunday 23 June 2019 at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire.

The salute was taken by Gp Capt David Wilkinson the RAF Provost Marshal with the service and dedication of the commemorative stones and new St Michael’s Branch Standard being conducted by the Revd Jeremy Stafford.

Comemorative memorial stones were laid for:-

  • Sergeant John W Limb
  • Corporal Robbie Erskine
  • Sergeant John R Byatt
  • Warrant Officer Dale Manson Bos
  • Warrant Officer Michael Brickwood
  • Corporal Philip C Beynon

The National Memorial Arboretum, a beautiful 150 acre site within the National Forest in Staffordshire, is a living focus of remembrance for people from all walks of life. The Arboretum is home to individual dedications as well as over 100 major memorials representing military and civilian organisations.

The Millennium Chapel of Peace and Forgiveness plays a central role in the life of the Arboretum and it is the only place in the UK that holds a 2 minute daily silence of remembrance at 11.00 hrs.

Close to the centre of the Arboretum is the Royal Air Force Wing, a large area with a propeller-shaped grove as its focus. Directly behind the centre of the propeller and backing onto a small grassy bank is the plot on which the permanent memorial to the Royal Air Force Police has been erected.

The Memorial is over two metres in height and its design has been kept simple and incorporates a memorial stone of South African dark green granite mounted on a two tier black granite plinth.

The south-facing side shows the RAF Police badge with its Latin motto “Fiat Justitia”. The second tier of the plinth shows the
translation of the motto as being “Let Justice be Done”
The north-facing side shows the RAF Police Association badge with its motto “Sodalitas Perpetuus” the translation of this motto is
shown on the plinth as being “Perpetual Fellowship”

Each of the edges of the memorial has engravings of snowdrops to show the well-known nickname of the RAF Police who wear white hats.

There are up to 6,000 snowdrop bulbs planted in the small grassy bank behind the memorial which are visited each Spring when in flower and the “Snowdrop Parade” is held.

Two benches, one sponsored by serving members of the RAF Police and one by the RAF Police Association, have been included within the site.

The RAF Police Memorial project was planned by a joint committee of former and present members of the RAF Police ‘family’. It was funded by donations from these joint bodies and it was also supported by a grant from the National Heritage Fund.

The memorial is maintained by members of the RAF Police Association Memorial Working Committee. It marks the past efforts and achievements of their comrades. Hopefully it will act as a focus point for their successors in all their endeavours.