The Archive is the creation and result of much hard work by John Curtis.  Advancing years, family circumstances and a keen desire to ensure the continuity of the archive necessitated him standing down and handing the reins to a younger but no less enthused member of the East Midlands Branch.

John states that after 15 years of building this complete collection he knows that it is going into capable and willing hands and it is still “service as normal”

The Archives

  •  Each edition of the Provost Parade in date order from 1947 to date.
    • Searchable Excel files contain the names of every RAFP whose photograph has been published.
    • The titles and authors of all articles published.
  • Copies of all published branch magazines – at this time there are only the EMB, L&HC and St Michaels branches produce regular magazines
    • A searchable Excel file is maintained of the magazines contents
  • Some ECM meetings minutes, (a lot of the earlier meetings were not recorded)
  • AGM agendas and subsequent reports, letters, programmes
    • There is an Excel file listing the contents.
  • An A4 suspensions file of loose photographs – these are contained in date order in an Excel file.
  • Box files and loose storage of a number of hard backed books on anything connected to and /or written by members of the RAF police.
  • A collection of material that does not come under any of the above.
  • A boxed second set of Provost Parades from 1947 to 2014 donated by the family of the late Bert Ballard which has been completed to the latest issue with the help of members.

The RAF Police Association Archivist

Rod Inwood took over the role of Association Archivist from John Curtis on 23 January 2017.  Please send any material you consider to be of historical value to him at:

20, Heron Way
NG24 3DD
Tele: 07504602023