RAF Police Memorial First Anniversary

Great weather, great turnout by everyone both serving and retired.

Our thanks to the two Warrant Officers (Graham Spark and Bill Veazey) for looking after us on the march and to Group Captain (retd) Peter Clark for leading us.

Particular thanks to our 6 smart Standard Bearers and once again we were proud to march behind you.

The wreaths were laid as follows:-

1.    RAF Police – Provost Marshal (Group Captain Horscroft)

2.    RAF Police Association – Air Commodore Abbott 

3.    RAF Police (Past, Present, Future)/RAF Police Widows) – Mrs Brenda Pleasance & Cpl (Name unknown).

The official photographer from RAF Henlow took lots of photos

 The Memorial was dedicated on 23 June and the event will be commemorated each year on 23 June (no matter what the day).  Hopefully we will always march and have a short service at the memorial site.  On Monday the memorial looked great in the bright sunlight and the black colour sometimes looked almost green.  From the top of the mound supporting the new National Armed Forces Memorial, the RAF Police Memorial can be clearly seen, with the colour red standing out against the dark background.

If you have not yet seen the RAFP Memorial, or the National Armed Forces Memorial, I strongly recommend you visit the Arboretum in the summer, when it is generally dry underfoot.


John Walton

72 members including RMP members  paraded at both memorials with 10 Standards on 5th March

another 1000 (In the green) snowdrops were also planted

Yesterday (4th March) the 2nd Annual joint RAFPA & RMPA parade, organised by the EMB took place at the NMA.
4 RAFPA & 8 RMP standards on parade, ( RAFPA standards – National + EMB + NYB + SWB ) 
There were 60+ people attending from  various branches
Considering the appalling weather the night before we did very well.
The ground was still water logged in places, in particular around the RMP memorial.

 from an RMP photographer.
Not often we get a shot of the standards at the ‘Wet Dip’

from the secretary of  Coventry and Warwickshire Branch of the RMPA, John Sweeney, 

above pictures from George Robertson
above pictures from Dennis Cothey
above pictures from Neil Gardiner

Anniversary Parade NMA 2014 (23 Jun 14)