EMB member Phil Fitchett has passed the following email for the information of members.

From: Mike Smith <mjs_consultation@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 August 2019 at 14:29:58 BST
Subject: RAF PA  Warner Studley Castle 5 Day Break 11 November 2019

Good  Afternoon 

You will see below an offer that came to me via the national Group Travel Organization of which Gill and I are members to organize outings.  

With members having in the past assembled at Warner’s Alvaston I thought that this could be another opportunity for members of the East Midland Branch to get together.  Bernard is happy for me to advertise the event and the flyer with some  comments was  circulated at the lunch yesterday and there was certainly some interest.

The flyer is perhaps confusing, indicating the cost if applying for another date. The Bilzon’s, Lane’s and Gill and I have already booked for November.

I will emphasise that I have been the conduit for the offer and members would apply individually to Zoe on 01384 455 655

Having spoken to Zoe it has been agreed that, as self drive, we can have a discount and if  you decide to take up the offer Zoe has requested that you speak to her when booking to ensure the discount to £369. 

The ‘Castle’ is a Grade 2 listed built in the 19th Century but has never been a castle. It has had an interesting history and was a college from 1903 – to early 1960’s for ladies, for a time then until 2005 the college used by MG Rover.  After spending £50 million it opened as the 14th Warner hotel in March 2019.

I would appreciate you letting me know if you book.