Trying to re-establish contact with old friends and colleagues you served with in the past?

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C J Mackay – SNI

A J Morgan – No Branch Elected

J O R Evans – NYB

D Griffith – No Branch Elected

The Association has lost contact with these members. Please let the webmaster know if you know how we can re-establish contact with them.


Jim Cunningham

I’m trying to contact ex Cpl Jim Cunningham, Jim and I served at RAF Machrihanish from 1971 – 1974. Jim was my best man when I got married in 1973 but he left the RAF in 1974 to join the newly created Strathclyde Police becoming a police officer in his home town of Ayr. After a few years he left the police and became a financial adviser in the town.
I last saw Jim in 1984 when he and his wife Anne and two daughters came to visit my family and I when I was at P&SS (SR) and living at Colerne.

ken Ivie ( kenivie@uwclub.net )

Mark Burns

I’ve been trying to find my old friend Mark Burns who served as an RAF Policeman .

We went to Sacred Heart school in Redcar, Cleveland from 1979 to 1983, Mark was from Marske By The Sea, where he lived with his dad who was a civilian police sergeant and with his sister Sally, unfortunately I heard that his mum had passed away, Mark joined the RAF Police I believe it would have been in apx 1987/8. We eventually lost touch when I moved away from the area but the last time I saw Mark I think he was based at RAF Cottesmore.

The only thing that I’ve heard about Mark over the years is that when he left the RAF he moved to Italy, I’m not sure if this is correct as it was an old acquaintance who believed that to be the case.

My surname now is Welch but I have just taken early retirement from the clinical pharmacology industry to pursue my new career as a full time artist and would very much like to make contact with my old friend as I’ve always wondered what became of him and if you were able to help in any way that would be very much appreciated.

I certainly do appreciate that it has been 30 years since Mark & I have seen each other and in the unlikely event that you are able to contact him or know how to reach him, if he would like to make contact then my email address is provided above. May I take this opportunity in advance to thank you for your consideration of my enquiry and for any assistance that you may be able to offer

Formerly known as Antony Derengowski but now known as Antony Welch.