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Date Sought InformationOpen Seeker Status
4 December Ian Wood Lost touch with a very good friend after leaving Tern Hil he left Tern Hill about 1962. Would love to hear from him or his family to see how he progressed in his career. johnhshipley@talktalk.net Open
21 November RAF Police Aden 1947/48 I would like to know if any of our few comrades are still on the go bill.latus28@gmail.com Open
7 November Griffin Figurine I wonder if anyone can help me. I once heard that RAF Policemen leaving NI were presented with a figurine of a Griffin instead of a tankard or similar. Does anyone know if this is true and if so is it still possible to obtain one and if so from where? Mike Ashford


11 November 2018 Mike Baker I am seeking information on the whereabouts of Mike Baker. We served together as dog handlers at RAF Cottesmore 1959 to 1962. We were best man to each other. Dennis Richards
 23 March 2018  David Allan Martin  I am looking for David Allan Martin RAF he was in Germany about 1979 or 1980, He got shipped back to UK up north David Meadows


 April 2018  Anyone who knew Earl Johnson  Can you help Mary, she is trying to find anyone who knew EARL JOHNSON, RAF Policeman, who was stationed at Conningsby during the late 1950’s. He was American and is believed to have been killed in a motorcycle accident in America in the early 1960’s.  Mary (dembry55@outlook.com) Open
5 March 2018 Old Colleagues and Friends Lofty ‘Dick’ Barton (Brian) 6 P D. Bristol / 5 PD.Northolt / 12 PD.Bruggen / 24PD Nicosia / & Support Squadron. NEVER A guardroom n (never a Guardroom!!) Demob after 22 years in April 1975 Now aged 85, I, and wife Mary, would love to hear from very mature at 85 !! I would love to hear from any RAF friends and colleagues who knew me throughtout my service.. “Japonica Bay”, Filby NR29 3HJ Brian Barton Open
25 January 2018 Norris Allen I’m a “Yank” living in Tennessee. Back in the late 70s I served overseas at Brunsum, The Netherlands with several Brits. We were stationed at AFCENT. I have been able to locate several but I have had no luck trying to locate Norris Allen. He was a UKAF Cpl. stationed at AFCENT. I believe he arrived in early 1979. Great guy and wonderful wife ! Thanks for any help ! Mike former Sgt Michael Crone, US Army mike@southernpridecw.com Open
14 January 2018 Davy jones `taffy` I am trying to trace Davy jones who was also known as taffy. He was Welsh and worked for the RAF as a dog handler in the 1960s in st Athens. I also know he then got posted to Germany and that’s all I know.
Any help would be appreciated
Hannah Price hannahjade94@live.co.uk Open
27 December 2017 Old Colleagues l served between december 1951 and retired as a warant officer in august 1975 when l was WOSI at southern region.l served at 5739 districts and at Malta, Gan,and P&SS Germany. Most of my friends,Brian Ransley, Graham Dring, John Iley,and Fred Ramshaw, are now dead, would appreciate hearing from anyone who is still alive and knows me! Tony Barrett – tonybarrettdot8@gmail.com Open
 13 November 2017  Sergeant Ken Routley  Ex dog handler Rod Sharp seeks information re Ken Routley.   They served together at RAF Church Lawford in approx 1957.   Rod Sharp (rod.sharp@hotmail.co.uk ) Open
11 November 2017 >Mark Whicello Kevin is attempting to find Mark. He served at RAF Newton in the 80’s and was his best man in Hythe, 1981.
He would dearly like to contact him again. Can anyone help?
Kevin Lock sirkevinoflocksley@hotmail.co.uk Open
8 September 2017 Information re Winifred May Thomas My mother Winifred May Thomas, was a WAAF in the war serving at Hitchen House RAF Police. Is there any information about her time there, and what the RAFP did during the war years Martin Jacobs (martinjacobs@uwclub.net) Open
8 August 2017 Granville Colin Jacques Granville served in the RAF Police in Germany, Cyprus and as a Corporal at RAF West Raynham before he left sometime in the 1950’s to serve in the Metropolitan Police. His sons, David and Howard, are seeking information about their late father and are keen to know more from any of his former colleagues David Jacques (dave-jacques@live.co.uk) Open
20 July 2017 ‘Dodgson’ No other details known other than that he served in Egypt circa 1946 Heather Eastley (heathereastley@yahoo.com) Open
2 July 2017 Bill Bennett Edith Nicholson wishes to contact Bill Bennett for her husband Nick. They were stationed with Bill at RAF Coningsby around 1975 prior to their posting to good old Waddo. Edith Nicolson (egav1956@aol.com) Open
16 June 2017 Patrick (Paddy) Redmond Ron is looking for a friend of his – Patrick (Paddy) Redmond – who was stationed in JARIC (NE) Episkopi, Cyprus in 1964 Ron Bevan (ronbevan42@gmail.com) Open
21 May 2017 Ian McDonald John is looking to make contact with Ian McDonald a RAF dog handler who joined-up in 1955. Ian’s last known station was USAF Burtonwood circa 1955/56 John Higgins Open
17 March 2017 Chris Lonsdale Hugh is looking to make contact with Chris Lonsdale who he last heard of at RAF Kai Tak in 1970. Hugh Cameron Open
5 February 2017 Cpl Mark Jarvis Mark Anderson-Henrichon is about to conclude a 21-year career in the United States Air Force Security Forces. In 2003 he had the honour of serving with RAF Police at Al Udeid Airbase, Qatar. He had names and addresses for the personnel he met, but lost them following a divorce. Are you able to help – any assistance is appreciated. Thank you. Mark Anderson-Henrichon, MSgt, USAF Closed – Contact re-established
8 January 2017 Kev Pulled or Pullin Where you at 280 SU between 1985 and 1988? Geoff is looking for an RAF Police Cpl called Kev Pulled or Pullin (with wife Ruth) who was based at Troodos around 85-87.He would also like to know of any others around then. Geoff worked in Supply and had many, RAF Police friends. Geoff Bridgeman (geoffbridgman737@msn.com ) Open
29 December 2016 RAF Coastal Command Ivan is keen to know if any of his old colleages are still alive and kicking who were in RAFP Coastal Command from 1954 to 1956 ? ivanwheath@gmail.com Open
15 December 2016 RAF Melksham, Wiltshire David is keen to hear from anyone who may have served at RAF Melksham between 1955 and 1958 either as National Service or Regular RAF Police?. David M Jones dave.dimjones@btinternet.com Open
14 August 2016 Ian LeCrerar I am trying to trace former WO IAN LECRERAR
and would be very grateful for any information that might help me contact him.I had the pleasure to serve with Ian at BRUGGEN 1968/71
Paddy Cowap Open
1 April 2016 Ex Cpl Richard Ingram Glenn is trying to contact an old comrade Richard (Dick) Ingram. They served together at 33SU (Cyprus), around 1981-1983. After Dick left 33SU he was posted to RAF Cottismore. Glenn Foulds Open
17 February 2016 Ex Cpl Brian King QPDI Jeff is looking to make contact with Brian who was last seen at RAF Bruggen 1971/2. Jeff Williams (jeff.williams15@btinternet.com) Open